Achievements to capture in Chitwan, Nepal

Achievements to capture in Chitwan, Nepal

By Holiday Dragons

Named after the heart of jungle, Chitwan is a paradise for Nature lovers. Chitwan is host to the Chitwan National Park which is known as still known as Dense Forest land of leopard and Bengal tiger. Chitwan is the home land of Tharu people, who are renowned for their art and drawing. Their houses are decorated by religious drawings denoting different phases of history, culture and environment along that time.

Being Nepal’s first national park, the Chitwan National Park together with the adjacent Parsa National Park support a species diversity much higher than any other on the Indian subcontinent. Rare species include Bengal tiger, rhino, leopards,

mugger crocodile, Indian rock python and several species of deer. There is wide range of vegetation types in the Chitwan National Park with more than 700 species of wildlife and a number of butterfly, moth and insect species. 17 other species of snakes, starred tortoise and monitor lizards, king cobra and other reptiles are also found at the national park. The Narayani-Rapti river camp; their small tributaries with a large number of oxbow lakes is habitat for 113 recorded species of fish and mugger crocodiles. These flora and fauna make chitwan a safari paradise for the travellers.


Located in the Terai Lowland of Nepal, 150 kilometres (93 miles) from capital city Kathmandu, it is possible to reach the park by flight from Kathmandu or by road.

Buses run daily from Kathmandu to Bharatpur, with the most popular tourist hotspot being Sauraha, 20 minutes away. Flights go three times daily from Kathmandu Domestic Airport to Bharatpur Airport with Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines.

Things to see

Chitwan National Park is home to a myriad of wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

Chitwan offers a variety of wildlife safari packages which can also be included as things to do In chitwan.

  • Looking out for wildlife on Rapti beach camp; Sunset: the river beach area has plenty of restaurants with recliner chairs which allows travellers to enjoy their evening.
  • Take a canoe ride on Rapti river: Rapti river is home to crocodiles and other aquatic species. The canoe rides would provide a thrilling experiences.
  • Walking safari in Chitwan National Park. Walking in the Jungles of Chitwan is a risky exercise but usually provides a chance for close encounters with various wildlife.
  • Elephant Safari. Chitwan is home to many elephants, the domesticated elephants are used as rides for elephant safari.
  • Jeep safari. Chitwan offers Jeep safari to travellers where a group of tourist can visit parts of nation park via designated routes. There are chances of encountering wildlife in this safari too.
  • Bird watching. Chitwan offers designated view towers from where travellers can see the migratory birds and local birds in national park.
  • Elephant Breeding Centre is a protected area where domesticated elephants are breed safely. His area is also one of the major tourist destinations.
  • Crocodile breeding Farm is a breeding facility that was established to ensure the survival of crocodiles in the rapti river and tributaries.

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