Romantic Paris, France

Romantic Paris, France

By Holiday Dragons

Paris preserves many vestiges of its past. While hosting numerous art galleries, museums and theatres, it has grown into a significant centre of international trade with ever-growing modern business districts, including La Défense, the de facto city centre built for the purpose.

With its beautiful theme and its breath taking artitecture, the city of Paris is also widely referred to as the ‘most romantic city in the world.’ The romance of Paris lies on wandering down ancient streets that pile up layers of history yet still tick to the rhythm of a lived-in cosmopolitan metropolis. The combination of modern artitecture with the preservation of culture, the good food and locations to visit with a loved companion makes paris an ideal romantic destination to travel for lovebirds.

Things to do

Taking in the view from the Eiffel Tower: An everlasting monument that has witnesses so many marriage proposals is a beautiful location which revs up the romance stakes with an ascent after-dark when the tower sparkles every hour on the hour with 20,000 gold lights.The view seen helps to keep the romantic air too.

Visiting The Wall of Love (Le Mur Des Je t’aime): Tucked away in Montmartre’s petite Jehan Rictus garden square, Le Mur Des Je t’aime attracts its fair share of lovebirds each day. Artists Fédéric Baron and Claire Kito created the mural in 2000, adorning it with hundreds of variations of Je t’aime (I Love You) in 250 different languages and dialects.

Admire the French Romantics walking from place des Abbesses walk south to the Musée de la Vie Romantique, keeping with the surroundings red neonlight in Pigalle. The romantic mansion with green shutters and tangled garden siting in a cobbled courtyard at the end of a tree-shaded alley is a wonderful location for date with loved one.

There is a romance in sailing down the Seine on a Bateaux Parisiens or Bateaux Mouches river cruise. But a couple travelling on a boat is more romantic then a cruise.

Travel to the Bois de Boulogne and glide in a rowing boat around Lac Inférieur it is a guaranteed romantic and peaceful experience.

Picnic at the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens: One of most famous and remembered location on Paris, for those familiar with French literature, the verdant collection of tree-lined promenades, orchids and rose flowerbeds, orange trees, pear and apple orchards, 17th-century statues, and wrought-iron gates as the meeting place of Marius and Cosette in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables is an ideal location for a picnic of two.

Going for a tasting at Le Clos Montmartre, Paris’ sole vineyard: French wine has always been a symbol of love, what can be more symbolic than travelling to hidden vineyard and sampling some delecious wine in France itself.

Stealing a kiss at Pont des Arts also known at Love Lock Bridge, Pont des Arts has been a popular spot for Parisian rendezvous since 2008—when committed couples first began affixing engraved locks on the bridge’s railings, dropping their keys into the Seine below.

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