Time with Nature

Time with Nature

By Holiday Dragons

Sometimes all you need is sun, sea, bike and yourself. Have you lost your contact with nature? Go and find it, take it back with our Travel Dragons. Find yourself, your inner soul. The world is much more than the city hustle bustle, pollution and long work day schedules.

Bali and Balinese

Our Travel Dragons have been there themselves to make sure that they can give you the best possible experience. Visit Ubud for some peace and tranquility with unique festivities all day long with Balinese locals or go to Kuta to loosen yourself near the beach and night out with dance and party all night. Life is yours and live it to your fullest. We will help you out and always there by your side.

B for Banana

Banana in monkey’s hand. Monkey mind, never mind. Mind is like a monkey, restless and clueless.  This monkey mind would need to take shelter in Saints hut. Saints hut cannot be found in crowded trains and smoky cities.

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